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Prudence Williams is a veteran teacher and has taught middle school for over 25 years.  She loves teaching and considers teaching a performance art.  When speaking of her students, she smiles and laughs and says that they keep her young.  Prudence grew up in Eastman, Georgia and attended the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga.  There she earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and her master’s degree in technology studies.  Later she attended Valdosta State University and earned her specialist degree in Instructional Technology. 

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Prudence has been writing all her life, but only recently has she begun to share her work with others.  She has been a guest blogger and vlogger on and has done editorial work for several up and coming authors.  When Dr. Terance Shipman asked her to create an activity book for his book, Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles, Prudence hesitated because she’d never worked with elementary aged students, but after researching she drove in and created an activity book that has been received with great enthusiasm and review.  

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